MyRide Autowash

First ever automated machine wash for vehicles with a 12 brush system. Its proprietary technology delivers fast, scratch-free cleanliness. It is the answer to the busy man’s car care – taking only 5 minutes from start to end.

Our Outlets
MyRide Detailers

Our first ever established brand under MyRide Group. Accessible hand tailored car care services for the masses. We make high quality detailing services available to all.

Our Products
Sensha Coating

Sensha no Oukoku began in 1997 in Kanagawa, Japan with its first pro-detailing shop specializing in car wash, car film, and car coating. Highly in demand in Japan, Sensha subsequently begun manufacturing and distributing for the global market.

Our Products
Our success is formed on the basis of having a strong conviction towards our motto


We are driven to create craftsmanship, experience, and value for our customers, our organization, our partners, and our investors. All our brands are currently available for franchising. We invite all aspiring entrepreneurs to learn about our successful business model, and transform yourself zero business knowledge/experience to running your very own business with branches.